Обучающий видеофильм «Веселый английский / Merry English on DVD 2″

Забавное видео и интерактивные задания для малышей сделают изучение английского языка веселым и увлекательным занятием.

Производство: США

Год: 2009

Формат: AVI

Качество: DVDRip

Продолжительность: 00:18:50 + 00:21:28

Язык: английский

Размер: 506 Мб (в распакованном виде)

The second of a series of 2 volumes Merry English on DVD.

About the series:

These two fun exercise books are thought to present, revise and consolidate the language taught in the first five years of learning english as a foreign language.


Based on stories about Rocky the Raccoon, the magical Freddy and their friends, the books contain various fun, interactive activities to do before, during and after watching the short films on the attached DVD.

The DVD, which is compatible with Interactive Whiteboards, contains animated stories, cartoons and songs.

These simple and clear books are suitable for individual use at home or as exercise books for the holidays, as well as in class.

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