Видеокурс Работы на FOREX «Raghee Horner Forex Trader Package» 2010 Раги Хорнер

Видеокурс работы на рынке форекс от Раги Хорнер.

Официальная стоимость видео на DVD — $2995

Автор: Raghee Horner

Издатель: USA

Год : 2010

Продолжительность: 15:50:00

Формат : wma

Язык : English

Размер: 756 Мб (в распакованном виде)

Вы будете видеть монитор Раги, как она работает. Шаг за шагом.

Forex Traders Package This is the ULTIMATE in Forex trading education. This package comes complete with instruction on how to use Raghee’s Advanced Trading Tools. These tools will allow you to put her strategies to work right away! Watch as Raghee walks you through each step of her «Three Classic Tools To A Three Step Set Up».

Also included with this comprehensive ForeX trading package is her complete workbook that lets you study the charts and indicators at your own pace as Raghee teaches them to you!

• Learn how and when to momentum trade versus swing trade

• Learn how Raghee uses advanced trading tools such Candlesticks patterns and Pivot Points for successful trades

• Learn how to RECOGNIZE momentum and swing trading set ups and to REACT correctly by deciding the right risk to reward ratio, and how to REPEAT this process for all the currency pairs • Learn how to add her advanced tools to your Three Step Set Ups for the even more high probability and profitability trade set ups

• Learn the EIGHT KEYS TO RISK MANAGEMENT and change the way you manage your trades AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

    CD one Understanding the Three Classic Tools

    CD two Recognizing and Confirming the Three Step Set Ups

    CD three Advanced Tools: Using Candlestick Patterns

    CD four Advanced Tools: Using Pivot Point Levels

    CD five Scanning with Advanced Tools

    CD six Three Step Set Ups for Momentum Trading with Advanced Tools

    CD seven Three Step Set Ups for Swing Trading with Advanced Tools

    CD eight The Eight Keys to Risk Management

    As a SECOND BONUS she is including one month of: Raghee’s Private Teaching Webinars!

    Join Raghee in her private virtual seminars.

    You will be able to see Raghee’s computer desktop as she works! Listen in as she explains in detail her step by step trade executions, charting techniques, market indicators, set-ups, stops and much more!  This is the right package for anyone who is serious about trading in the Forex market.

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